House Washing

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 Looking to restore your homes curbside appeal?    

Jeremy's Perfect Finish is your trusted partner in maintaining a clean exterior appearance.  Regardless if you are looking for a professional to address your one-time wash or if you are looking for a complete annual maintenance of your property, we have service offerings to accommodate your needs.  

One-Time Service Call

Annual Maintenance Package

When your home’s exterior begins to accumulate grime and dirt, most people tend to think about renting a pressure washing system and cleaning it yourself.  We are a professional company and we understand how to properly use a pressure washer to provide a gentle soft wash that will only benefit the look and health of your home.

Soft washing is a great alternative for certain siding materials that just wouldn't hold up against your standard pressure washing. Materials such as vinyl siding or stucco are made to withstand major wind and rain, but they are not designed to handle a direct high pressure wash. Our professionals utilize proper cleaning procedures, Eco-Friendly cleaning solutions and professional grade equipment for the different materials on the exterior of your home.

Call today to get a free estimate for your:

Roof and Gutters


Stucco and Siding

Sidewalls, Porches and Drive ways



 We provide annual maintenance services to extend the life of your home or business and deliver a clean appearance.  Our annual Soft Wash services uses our Eco Friendly soft wash solution to clean and treat organic growth such as mold and algae while removing all dirt and debris.   


We also can customize your annual service package to include:

Paint or Stain and Clear Doors and Shutters

Stain Deck and Fence

Caulk and Seal Exterior Joints

Wash Roof and Gutters

Wash Brick 

Wash Stucco and Siding

Wash Sidewalls, Porches and Driveways

Wash Decks

Wash Fences

and More...